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"I wear my Shoes every day. The integrated orthotics were made to fit me perfectly—when I walk I feel the weight evenly distributed on the soles of my feet. Walking fatigue is a thing of the past. I am extremely pleased with the way the shoes wear; I do a ton of walking but these shoes endure the vigorous daily wear I put them through. Moreover, when the soles eventually wear down I know I can have them resoled at your  workshop. In short, I have the ultimate feeling of walking comfort combined with the highest level of workmanship and shoe design."

Kenneth Bé 
Cleveland, Ohio

Hello Doug and Laurence,

I hope you're both doing well, enjoying the autumn, and that the store continues to do well and be embraced by residents and visitors!
     Just dropping a line to let you know that my neuromas have totally calmed down after wearing my Doug-fitted Finn boots. The pain began to diminish day by day as soon as I started wearing them, and then… after about a week, all pain was gone! I'm now able to wear other shoes, on occasion, without paying for it for days.
     I am very grateful to you, for your guidance and wealth of knowledge.
    And so – I'm wondering if I could get another pair…

Lisa Goodman


"You offer a very welcome alternative to the ordinary shoe store. After spending several years with aching feet and painful knees I found true professionals at your store. In a relaxed and no pressure manner I consistently experience people that know quality, provide a customized fit and care about the relationship they develop with the customer. No longer do I consider comfort when I select my shoes each day because each and every shoe in my closet is wonderfully comfortable and just right." 

Lin Salmans
Overland Park, Kansas

"I’ve happily worn your shoes (Finn Comfort) for several years now. A precise and professional fitting by Douglas Goodhart cured my severe Plantar Fasciitis within a couple of weeks. My feet have not only been pain-free ever since, but now I actually look forward to putting my shoes on in the morning!"

Roger Landes
Taos, New Mexico

Now I live over 300 miles away — even so, I am a loyal customer because no other shoe store offers the customized fit and personal attention I receive whether by mail or when I am at your store. The shoes simply keeps my feet healthy and keeps me happy.”

Ellen Walker

"I can honestly credit my good health to the care that starts at the bottom of this great tree. I think Doug and Laurence saved my life almost 14 years ago when I started working full time on concrete floors. I was standing and walking all day at the retail business I own with my sister. I was experiencing great pain in my feet and woke up one morning thinking I wouldn't make it down one flight of stairs in my home. I actually stood at the top of those stairs and the vision that popped into my mind was my crumpled body at the bottom.

In the years since, I have shared with others my deep appreciation for all that your Shoes stands for and the good foot health I live with every day. My good friends, my mother and my son now all make the journey - with and without me - to a place that truly offers incredible, personalized service and the most unique conversation in town. It's a joy to visit and be a part of a family run treasure."

S. Sloane Simmons, co-owner STUFF
Kansas City, MO

"Six years ago I was highly frustrated with my ability to find any fashionable shoes that were comfortable. I was unable to walk more than a block without experiencing pain. Then I found your shoes, and things changed. The people at there assessed my feet, and recommended shoes best for my needs and problems. The shoes came with inserts that they adjusted just for my feet. The difference was remarkable. I was no longer limited by my feet. All my shoes come from you now including heels, sandals, boots and tennis shoes and they are all great looking. My daughter recently got married and I danced the whole night with heels from your store. Do your feet a favor and check these folks out!"

Merrill Stass-Isern, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics