Doug’s Discovery: Foot Health in Africa

The Dagbamba people of northern Ghana, West Africa, live on hardpan 100 miles from the Sahara. They walk primarily barefoot, and have virtually no foot problems. And let me tell you: they walk constantly. I don't know if any of you have been to Africa, but as soon as a toddler is set in motion in West Africa, they never stop walking until the end of their adult lives. Their feet are absolutely necessary to every aspect of their lives. I began observing this energy wondering how these people could be permanently mobile, with no foot problems, when our people can barely walk and have constant foot problems. It was during my second African trip that I began to realize the feature that was transporting all this happiness: zero compression. There was no compression on the feet of the Dagbamba. In a subsequent trip to Africa, I visited the Ewe people, who live along the coast of Ghana, all the way to Togo. The Ewe people live a large part of their day on the sand of the beach,making their feet incredibly strong. I began to notice the same level of function that the Dagbamba had. Permanent mobility, no foot problems. It was at that point that I began to link the German concept of zero compression to the actual foundation of foot health itself.

What the Dagbamba and the Ewe know is that the foot must not be compressed. Their traditional culture transmits this information from generation to generation. Ours does not! But zero compression is the stepping-off point for any level of foot health to occur. 

We have infused the concept of zero compression into every aspect of our practice. It is the reason we are so effective at neutralizing and eliminating foot problems, and are able to help individuals increase their foot strength. Thanks to the Dagbamba and the Ewe for pointing me to the way of foot health.