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How to Free Your Feet

A four-phase pedorthic process is at the heart of our Euro-Pedorthic care. This allows us to free your feet by fitting you with the proper foot habitat necessary to change your life!

Phase 1 - Determination of needs and expectations

Is your goal to alleviate a foot problem, like plantar fasciitis? Do you need a business shoe you can wear all day without having painful feet? Or do you need a walking shoe for your next trip?  Do you wish to manage foot circulation problems related to diabetes? Our job is to listen to your expectations in order to produce a “Zocalo Shoe habitat” that will free your feet.

Phase 2 - Analysis of your feet and shoe type

We first determine the dimensions of your feet in order to choose the best shoe type to achieve zero compression – a fit that will encourage foot strength and health. 

Phase 3 - Fitting of shoe

Based on your foot dimensions and needs, our Euro-Pedorthic staff now offers your footwear possibilities. We help you every step of the way, from shoe type to color, to insure that you come away with the right shoes for you. This is a collaboration between you and our staff. 

Phase 4 - Manufacturing of your orthotic

Once your shoes have been selected, we manufacture your orthotic in our Euro-Pedorthic workshop/laboratory, on-site. Then we set them in place in your new zero compression Zócalo Shoes.