“Foot health is the ability of the feet to perform the natural, human activity of walking, day after day, year after year, without any pain or problems. Living with foot health is a completely different and freeing experience – 
it brings ease and joy to our lives.” – Douglas Goodhart

The Art of Wearing Shoes

     Did you know that the human foot has the potential to take us from infancy to the end of our lives – without any accompanying foot problems? But to do so, the foot must exist in a totally free, unrestricted environment.
     Our natural state is to walk barefoot on open undulating terrain where the space around the foot is infinite.
     Because of this, 95% of all foot problems originate as a direct result of the use of improper and ill fitting footwear, which damages the foot in both the short and long term and makes it dysfunctional.
     And while the extremes of temperature and the hard, flat surfaces of the modern world call for foot covering and protection, the foot must be allowed to perform its natural work in a shoe, as if it were barefoot, to stay healthy.

Foot Health

     Foot health is the ability of your feet to perform the natural, human activity of walking, day after day, year after year without any pain or problems at all. To accomplish this in a paved world, the shoe must be as neutral of an environment as possible to allow the foot to work in its most natural, barefoot state. The shoe must “float” on the foot.

Zócalo Shoes Euro-Pedorthics

     …is the essential link in the recovery of the foot and the treatment/management of foot disorders. Through research, our 115-year-old facility has discovered the key to foot health and unlocked that door for America. We have a 100% success rate in the resolution of plantar faciitis, for example. This is a success rate that is unheard of in any health care facility in this country. Many wonderful physicians refer their problem feet to us, giving us the opportunity to help their patients return to the world of walking.

Douglas Goodhart, President

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The Dagbamba people of northern Ghana, West Africa, live on hardpan 100 miles from the Sahara. They walk primarily barefoot, and have virtually no foot problems. And let me tell you: they walk constantly. I don't know if any of you have been to Africa, but as soon as a toddler is set in motion in West Africa, they never stop walking until the end of their adult lives. Their feet are absolutely necessary to every aspect of their lives. I began observing this energy wondering how these people could be permanently mobile, with no foot problems, when our people can barely walk and have constant foot problems. It was during my second African trip that I began to realize the feature that was transporting all this happiness…



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